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Partition Walls

Interior Partition Walls

BoardFix Internal partition walls are a great way to reconfigure your environment or define areas of new buildings. 
They are versatile, easy to install and can add a certain specification to your walls, soundproofing, fire, moisture or impact resistance, all can be fixed to a simple C Stud metal wall

Metal stud systems provide a sturdy framework for plasterboard to be fixed onto walls and ceilings. They are extremely versatile in the sense that insulation can easily be incorporated within the existing structure. Furthermore, when using metal stud systems, plasterboard can also be used as a cost-effective solution to building a new internal partition wall, lining or ceiling and can also be used to improve and upgrade any existing walls and ceilings.
• Metal stud is available in a wide range of widths, lengths and thicknesses depending on the requirement of the build. Whether you are looking for strength, height, impact resistance or sound insulation, metal stud systems can be used for a whole range of projects.
• Metal stud is strong, lightweight and made from uniform-quality material. This makes it a high quality and long-lasting option that drastically reduces the need for costly call-backs and adjustments.
• It also offers excellent fire resistance because it doesn’t possess the combustible material needed to feed a fire.