BoardFix - Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

BoardFix Suspended ceilings are a low cost solution that can be used to dramatically improve or enhance your space. 
We can install a solid plastered ceiling, allowing for the housing of spotlighting, electrical and plumbing services and insulation. 
Several types of plasterboard can be applied to increase the specification improving acoustics by soundproofing, creating a fire resistant surface or making it moisture resistant.

Lay In Grid
There are several main suspended ceiling systems that customers prefer.
The more commonly used commercial suspended ceiling system is a lay in grid ceiling.
This light weight square grid ceiling which is supported from wire hangers and has demountable tiles. This type of ceiling is usually used within the commercial sector as it allows space in the void above to ensure services can be accessed for regular maintenance with the demountable tiles, this makes it a great option. The tiles come in a wide range from standard tile for aesthetics, through to coloured and acoustic.
Metal Frame Ceiling
Alternatively there is a solid finished ceiling that is more commonly used within the domestic sector, this is a MF ceiling (Metal Frame Ceiling).
The MF ceiling has a similar concept to the lay in grid ceiling, as it is supported by hangers although more rigid hangers are used and the hangers can also be used to prevent sound transition through floors with an acoustic hanger being used.
Below the hangers there is a metal frame installed which a plasterboard is fixed to and a plaster finish applied. This simple system has many benefits from providing a void to conceal services, installation of spot lights, to providing an area for insulation.
The plaster boards used on walls can also have the same benefit by being used on a metal ceiling creating an acoustic ceiling, fire ceiling, moisture ceiling or maybe a simple plain wall board that is used when the aesthetics are the only requirement.
Both suspended ceilings can be used in virtually any environment.